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Winterizing (Closing)

Entrusting your swimming pool’s maintenance to a VAL-MAR professional will ensure that it is properly maintained and will prolong its lifespan. Winterizing your pool to better prepare it for reopening is the solution!

Val-Mar has qualified staff that can take care of closing your pool in the fall and winterizing your aquatic structures such as in-ground pools, spas and fountains.

When the cold weather arrives, your pool requires special care. There is nothing like doing business with professionals. We provide guaranteed, reliable and efficient service.

Spring opening

When warm weather arrives, remember to check your pool’s water temperature regularly. When it reaches 10-12 degrees, it’s time to think about getting started unless you have a salt chlorinator, in which case you must wait for the 15 ° minimum.

March/April (depending on the region) is the perfect time because the water is still cold. If you didn’t cut corners with your winterization, then algae proliferation should be low!

Val-Mar’s qualified personnel can handle springtime preparation of your aquatic structures such as in-ground pools, spas and fountains.

When spring arrives, your pool requires special care. There is nothing like doing business with professionals. We guarantee reliable and efficient service.

Automation / Smart pool

Pool automation is a growing trend! Pool maintenance has been made even easier today thanks to the many technologies that can control temperature, lighting, cleaning and even water chemistry, all remotely from your smartphone. These technologies are user-friendly, convenient, and energy saving. For example, you could opt for Pentair products (distributed by Val-Mar), such as the Intellichem® Water Chemistry Controller, which will keep your pool water perfectly balanced, simply and automatically. You won’t regret it!

Parts and accessories

Val-Mar has a variety of quality products to help you complete all your aquatic projects. These include salt chlorination systems, filtration systems, gas water heaters, pumps, filtration systems, heat pumps as well as automatic cleaning robots, customized lighting and whirlpools. Our products will ensure that you have superior quality water so that you can enjoy relaxing in your swimming pool.

Take care of your pool and maintain your water quality by using our pool equipment!

Chemical products

Val-Mar offers a wide range of chemical products to properly maintain your pool over the years.

We are proud to have been selected by prestigious and notorious suppliers to be their only authorized retailer in Québec.


Available on-demand training: swimming pool analysis, water treatment and maintenance.

Whether it be water analysis tools, water settings or types of treatment, VAL-MAR provides training tailored to your needs!

Paints and finishes

There are several pool finishes to choose from and your experienced Val-Mar team is specially trained to apply them.   The most common pool finish is a paint, however, Val-Mar provides additional options including cement interior finishes (example: Pebble Technology Inc.- the most durable concrete and pebble aggregate on the worldwide market) and a ceramic contour finish. It is the colors and textures of your chosen finish that will give your pool its personality and influence the determine the color of your pool water!

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