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Whether for design assistance or for a “design & build” project, Val-Mar can support you for any type of aquatic project: indoor or outdoor concrete pool, rooftop pool, concrete spa, architectural fountain and water features.

Leaders in the commercial industry in Quebec, Val-Mar has put its stamp on the most beautiful and renowned condo, hotel, spa and gym aquatic projects of our Province. Construction companies, developers, engineers and architects rely only on Val-mar to carry-out their most ambitious and complex aquatic projects. Our long roster of achievements plays an integral part in our history.

Val-Mar’s projects are realized according to best practice standards! Val-Mar respects all Quebec construction laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the quality regulation in swimming pools and artificial ponds Q-2, R.39, the regulation on safety in public baths B-1.1, R.11 and the construction code B-1.1, R .2. Our construction workers are certified by the Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ).  We are also certified “Elite Management SST” and recognized as a design address by the Guide Index Design as well as a recipient of the “World’s Greatest Pools Pebble Technology’s award”.


The Marinal is the most durable concrete structure on the market and is an exclusive product to Val-Mar. This European concept, with a multi-integration rebar system, is a 100 percent monolithic concrete pool with no cold seals. With a single pour as well as its reinforced rebar, this industrial construction, with a heart of steel and a concrete body, is the most technologically advanced structure on the market! A superior construction method, the Marinal is often used as a stand-alone structure, and is therefore ideal for commercial projects, in particular pools found on roof structures.

Mechanical equipment

Mechanical equipment should not be neglected when building an aquatic basin. At Val-Mar this equipment meets the highest standards of excellence.

Val-Mar provides with its instillation cutting-edge mechanical components used in water treatments that ensure superior quality with respect to filtration, disinfection and PH balance of the water of the aquatic basin.  All of these instruments are needed to monitor the system components’ performance. Our qualified plumbers execute these plumbing systems according to optimal hydraulicity norms required by the regulation on safety in public baths B-1.1, R.11.  That’s what we call peace of mind.

Val-Mar is the guarantee of an aquatic project from design, to construction and delivery! Our project managers will take care of planning all your project’s work and phases from A to Z.






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